Confessions of a Shopahaulic

After much deliberation, I finally decided to read ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’.  Honestly, I had more experience selling the book rather than reading it and while searching for something light and ‘feel good’ to read (yes, chick lit love is universal) – I finally decided to give it a shot. And here’s the breakdown:

Pages 1 – 50 – Okay, interesting. Very different from the movie so should kill all expectations right here right now. Should wait for the story to happen.

Pages 50 – 150 – Where’s the story? (part 1)

Pages 150 – 200 – Where’s the story? (part 2), How bad is your math, seriously?

Pages 200 – 210 – yawn. I usually read on the bus and it serves as a great distraction from the 14 year olds who just discovered the word ‘fuck’ and have the impulse to repeat it every two seconds and the ‘oh my God’ & ‘like’ girls. But this book just doesn’t do it for me. I think I prefer the ‘fuck factory’ over the book which is quite sad because there have been times (albeit just a very few) that my course books have even done it for me. True story.

Here’s the thing – we’re simple, yes, but we do actually enjoy the rare shopping trip. It does make us feel just as good as you. We love looking at clothes over and over with that little little zig-zag of the heart rate too (sight of an awesome piece of clothing = heart rate up / sight of price tag = heart rate down). Quite normal that way.

However, we have an in built system that starts shutting down and blocking out everything to do with shopping after a certain period, also known as the ‘Shopahaulic Breakeven Point’. It starts with a simple yawn and ends in complete annoyance.  After this point, you show us the hottest piece of clothing for free and we’ll disregard it like trash. The consequences can be extremely dangerous.

Bottom line – Don’t mess with the Shopahaulic.

  1. S said:

    My goodness,love it ! and I write this from a broken broken keyboard….

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