Angry Birds Vs. The World!

First of all, I must clarify the Angry Birds addiction is universal so we just can’t single the simpletons out in this one. We all love a good dose off bobbing bird heads kicking serious ass. For those of you who consider ‘Angry Birds’ geeky – you’re just on the sad side of the world.

Remember the time when Nokia phones had just launched and all anyone (with a Nokia phone) could ever do was play ‘Snakes’. That game was all over the place. I think I remember my anti-tech savvy mom experimenting with the game as well. Yes, that’s how addictive it was! And then one day some of us realized we were just chasing our own snake tail and eventually that’s what kills us in the game! Oh, the irony.

Enter Angry Birds! A very basic, yet, insanely addictive game. While you’re essentially doing the same thing over and over again in each level, you just can’t stop. Somehow feels like your purpose in life now is to crush those bobbing heads and what a sweet feeling it is when you do! I must admit, the instinct to snatch those blinking eyes out when you lose a level is quite hard to ignore. But what’s really working our angry birds and didn’t work so well for the snakes is that the birds are angry. Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s the timing, the timing when everything is about having ‘that’ one app from a 5 year old to an 80 year old. Plus, Angry Birds enjoys the advantage of the commercialization age – corporate whores if you must.

In my point of view, your entire shopping budget this season should be dedicated to everything Angry Birds and what makes it easier is that Angry Birds has its very own website. Who cares about owning that jazz pair of shoes this season – go for Angry Bird slippers!

What follows is a wish list of Angry Bird items that I must have and cannot afford (donations are welcome) – and your very own guide to Angry Birds merchandise with those trending chirping bitches (well assholes if you like) on them!

Afterthought: Wouldn’t it be kickass to be able to say ‘I was there when Angry Birds took over the world?’


Plush Toys

Angry Birds T-Shirt

Tempting Tempting Angry Birds Cake

The Funkiest Slippers to Own This Year!

The Angry Birds Rating Poster (the site won't allow me to download the full image - apologies!)

Product / photo credits:

Cake credits:


Update update! Just found this ad for T-Mobile – takes Angry Birds to the next level. Great Stuff!




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