Superman for the Not So Savvy

Simpletons don’t wait for a super hero or a knight in shining armour (who takes this shit seriously?). We have our very own, not so right version of a super hero – wait for it, The Normal Guy! And the above image is the true depiction of what life, here on earth, feels like.

– He does not wear slick suits 24/7. (Nothing against Barney Stinson!)

– He does not own the latest models of high end cars.

– He does not get the weekly facial (metro alert ladies!).

– He does not invest in every tech gadget even before it is launched.

– He does not use every opportunity to flaunt the brands he wears.

– And he definitely does not have an Alfred to answer life’s difficult questions.

He’s real, normal and fucks shit up most of the time. It’s fucking awesome.

  1. FieldingTheNormalGuy said:

    He forgets , He remembers but then he forgets again…and then you remind him ….ahhh revelation ….yes yes I’ll get to it now , he says…10 minutes later…..he forgets again….damn that quora or youtube or whatever your normal guy is into….you remind him again…. ( albeit a bit stressed and frustrated this time)
    Then he finally starts writing that job app he was supposed to help you with 4 weeks ago while you sleep soundly and voila ….Superman ( The Normal Guy ) to the rescue …. he may fuck shit up almost every 5 minutes but when he doesn’t , its fucking awesome 😀

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