Mini for the ‘Mini’malist

I have 3 pending posts including an update on an impulsive shopping trip (do not smirk, I have mentioned before – happens to all of us, just in varying degrees). I could not forego this particular post because between absolute mental exhaustion and convincing myself to work on pending papers, I have been reeling the idea over and over and the Mini is a topic which I do not take lightly. And my humble advice to all of you, neither should you. A very famous person once said ‘If you want to succeed in life, commit yourself to the Mini’. For real.

If I may add, I am currently sitting in a cafe drinking over brewed coffee and attempting to work on those papers, but they can wait and so can the fries which I am now tempted to order.

So here’s the story, we all have a dream object (tangible or intangible) in life. Some of us have a general love for cars and we want at least 10 different models, a branded wardrobe (not judging),  some of us want mansions, some of us want ‘that’ guitar and others, well, they just want everything. Let me clarify, I am not talking about those short lived desires, I’m talking about things that literally drive us and we know that the day we achieve / earn / purchase / experience them – that will undoubtedly be the highlight of our lives. At least that’s how I can define my love, nay, obsession with Mini Cooper.

Update: Between switching locations and still working on my paper – back to talk about the mini – also, very bored with the thought of some Adler dude who proposed a model for culture shock. Don’t zone me out yet, I will not be discussing him further.

Let’s go back to ultimate object of desire. The MINI. I don’t quite remember when exactly I fell in love with the machine but I’m pretty sure The Italian Job had much to do with it. I own one myself, its a the Mini version of a blue Mini but I love it to death, it sits happily in my room and reminds me of my dream.

My blue mini-MINI 🙂

Since we have already established today that writing papers does not make you successful and being committed to the Mini does – here are 5 reasons why you should one day own one. Oh and before we get into the why 5 debate – it’s short, simple (focus!) and for a Mini you just don’t need too much convincing.

1. Small – fits anywhere. Ever been to Karachi? The city has no real demarcation of which vehicle (including man) goes where. Hence, the smaller the car – the better off you are (that rhymes!). Besides, with rising population levels – what are you going to do with a big jeep anyway?

2. Available in all possible colours. Seriously, do I need to expand on this one? You feel red, you drive red! And to my lovely fashionistas, you wear that new black dress and drive that beauty of a Black Mini, that’ll have you convinced.

3. Customize baby! Yes, you can create your very own Mini. It’ll cost you a fortune but if you think that someday you might have to live in your car – wouldn’t you make sure it has everything you could possibly need. All Mini websites offer this facility – click here to build one today.

4. Classic. The mini has been around for 5 decades now and it never goes out of style. Non-simpletons, eye balls rolling yet?

5. Never Get Caught. Ever been in a car chase? No. I’ll just say, be prepared and buy a Mini.

And I don’t need to put this down as a reason (me feminine instincts won’t allow me) but boys, women love the Cooper.

This post is an inspiration. You know who / what / where and what colour (yellow) you are.

  1. S said:

    Love it !!!!!

  2. M M said:

    awesome possum yo!

  3. M M said:

    awesome possum yo ; )

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