Shopahaulic Vs. Shopaholic (Round 1)

So it turns out that I’m better at writing blog posts rather than academic papers which is why I should redirect all gray (questionable) matter to good use. As it happens this post is about the battle of two worlds. A battle that has been fought for centuries and to this day, we can’t identify who is the true winner. Yes, I am talking about – Studying vs. Everything Else Awesome in the World.

Last week, I was home working on my paper. Now the term ‘working’ is debatable because I was really watching tv shows (only while having breakfast), refreshing my blog and adding posts and telling myself I was working but then again, my 2 papers were due this week so it was only fair that I took it easy (and a week later, I should admit, I was wrong so it goes without saying, don’t try this at home). Those of you who believe that its a simpleton trait to be focused and dedicated to academic pursuits, you know all the wrong ones as we too come with the 2 great learning skills of procrastination and avoidance.

Before we divulge into this rather interesting day, I must inform you, we do crazy things to escape the sad, boring bits of our lives so the simpleton should not be judged.

Tuesday 24th May 2011.

9am: Great, I’m up early, must make the most of today. Two submissions scheduled for next week and a presentation this week. MUST get started on them. So here’s the day plan: Breakfast, work, lunch, work, workout and right back to work! Will squeeze in an episode of a TV show just for a quick break and throw in tons of coffee. Excellent!

10am – 11am: Done with breakfast and a show. Well, 2 episodes of a show but we all know how entertaining it is to watch an episode of Friends from Season 2. Get to work right now. Wait, just remembered I was supposed to go shopping for winter clothes last week (background: new to this city, have never lived in temperature below 15 degrees, hence need all the warm clothes I can find!). Should include shopping to the schedule – question is to go around lunch time and work now or go now and work later. Work must be done. Go at 2ish.

11:15am: Should message sister at work and ask her if she wants something (course she does!)….

11:17am: Affirmative.

11:19am: Sister: Can you check this catalogue? I want item 1, 5, 7,….

11:20 – 12: Make coffee, contemplate plan one more time..yes stick to the plan. Will not leave until lunch time.

Must check link to see what she wa….woah. This is sweet. Everything is so awesome looking and cheap (sigh, cheap and good looking is a perfectly awesome combination stop smirking!). What follows is an actual excerpt from our conversation. I have changed her name, she’s a bit of a celebrity, must protect her identity. This conversation is strictly private and interpretations are provided where deemed necessary. CS = Celebrity Sister. All text in bold are my 2 or 4 cents.

12:00 PM CS: Imaginary link to catalogue
 me: nicee (curious now aren’t you?)
12:01 PM CS: buy me a pair man
 me: alright
  send me a list yo (organized shopper that I am!)
12:02 PM easier
 CS: k
 me: these i know now so i can pick up
 CS: k
 me: oh def getting pj’s!! (yes, for some of us simpletons, pj’s are pretty much half our wardrobe!)
12:03 PM Imaginary link of something I like here
  looooove the white cardigan!
12:04 PM CS: cant see
  i love the floral dress as well
  awesome w tights and boots
12:05 PM and the jacket
 me: yeaaah
  and the aviator jacket
  fuck i will need to prioritize 😦  (I went from civil organized shopper to THAT – true story!)
 CS: hehe
12:08 PM me: like the military long coat man
  its hot!
12:11 PM CS: good value too
 me: oh what about the button down cardigan? (suddenly my winter requirements were quite, well, vast.)
  the ones in their catalogue are 10 each (I was still not in the blind shopping phase, which is always a positive sign. almost)
12:12 PM CS: yeh i like
 me: colour?
  the cream and blue look nice
 CS: yeh i like the cream
  and blue
12:13 PM me: which one then?
  ok got your email cool
  i like the floral too but i think the lace dress is niceee
12:16 PM this convo is so going on the blog :p (Committed, dah-lings!)
12:22 PM CS: YES YES put it (Celebrities, I tell you!)
This is how the day followed..
12:30pm: After much contemplation (read: zero thought) I was in the shower, getting ready to go.
12:45pm: Couple of hours before the decided time of shopping trip, I was standing at the bus stop. Clutching my phone with my so-called organized shopping list. Needless to say I hadn’t done any work.
And the result:

Bags of Doom

But for those of you who are concerned here’s the new plan: Shop, lunch, workout, work (like I said debatable).

Note: Shopahaulic Breakeven Point was duly reached. No products were harmed.


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