Pirates of the Wedding Rings (2011)

Sick of the same old ‘rock’ for a wedding / engagement ring. Looking for an alternative that stands out? I may have just what you’re looking for. I say, this season ditch the the budget, the typical patterns / designs they show you in fancy jewelry shops and all those stones. They’re ‘stones’, remember?

My Chunky Pirate Ring

What you must notice is the size of that thing. Oh and yes it is a pirate. But I’m sure you agree, at first sight it is rather deceiving. My advice go the pirate way. Why? For starters, you have something to show when people ask you about your ‘ring’. Yes, those annoying queries about your ring and how pretty it must be. Secondly, Pirates of the Caribbean is all anyone and everyone will be talking about this season (handsome Mr. Depp ladies!).

Ignore the Hands - but check out the B&W Effect!!

I’m wearing the ring as I type this post do don’t even think I’m just fooling around. So my lovely simpletons, we always wanted to be different which is what makes us who we are. No harm in being a little bit crazy?

Note: Yes I have successfully pitched the idea to my boyfriend. He agreed with me. I think we’re still together?


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