Hello dah-lings!

I know I’ve been off the radar for a while now but rest assured, a post is underway and it is going to be worth the wait!:)

But while you wait, I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful new blog! You remember Celebrity Sister? Mother of the Fabulous Two and companion in the Shopaholic Chronicles…well of course you do!

She has started her very own blog and of course, the parents passed on the better writing genes to her with a dash of humanity (something i missed out on, but what can I say, I use it well). The celebrity in her couldn’t avoid the limelight in the blogosphere either, she’s been nominated for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ in Australian Best Blogs 2012 Competition. And yes dah-lings, the award is exactly as fancy as it sounds!

Here’s a little blurb about her fabulous blog Mumchic!

This is a story about a mum who believes everything in life should be delicious , fabulous and chic. With two growing and very curious sons who mean the world, some very special family and friends to share the madness , a full time job and an insanely busy life , she’s plenty ordinary in her extra-ordinaryness. For several years now, she has been thwarting the next world war ( which might actually trigger while these words of wisdom are being penned ) every other day. She is almost a magician, she pulls delicious food out of thin air and in no time… mostly ! More often than not she has to answer  questions that wikipedia or Siri cannot.

She likes to have the biggest tub of popcorn while a drama unfolds on silver screen, especially when the world wars are at a recess. She laughs and cries. She likes to banter about life, universe and everything else. She likes to humm songs. She is both adorable and goofy. She keeps building the biggest mental database of all things chic, often wandering in and out of fashion boutiques and home decor shops. Her travel bucket list increases every day. Her pinterest even more. 

She likes to express, record the highs and lows, and observe the imperfect yet beautiful world around her. She likes to share. This journey within.

Vote for Mumchic here!


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